The Land of Falgar

This campaign takes place in the continent to the east of the region of Antos, Falgar. It was once known in the ancient tongues as Khethi bel-Ienen, The Land of the Children. But after its descent into conflict and despair it was renamed in the cruder tongue of the Wanderer races. It is a war-torn region, one with many ancient secrets and powerful creatures to discover. Even its geography hints at the tumult of its past: the continent itself is split in two, with a massive floodplain separating the two regions. There are two island chains to the northwest and the southeast that once housed flourishing societies of their own. But as the chronicles tell, these cities fell when the Age of Malice began.

The gods have all but forsaken this land for better stock, but vestiges of their power still remain in the ruined utopian cities of yore that pepper the landscape. The history of Falgar is told in the chronicles of the Wanderer race, which are reproduced here in full form. Adventurers who dare to enter this region will certainly be met with challenges, but the rewards for completing them and gaining the honor of the Eight Divines will be worthy of epic legend.

* On the Geography of Falgar

The Mythos


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